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Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting the lhon.info and the LHON Database and reviewing our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is plain and simple. The information you enter in the database is available to be viewed by any other user or visitor to the LHON database.   The information can only be changed/updated by you the user or by our administrator.   Your year of birth is not published to all and only your age will appear to other users.  The only information we collect and store that is not viewable to all is your Facebook ID code, which is the identifier for your data.  You can choose to publish your name or not.   We do not collect personal information like email addresses or residential/mailing addresses during a visit to our web site and database.  We do collect some technical information when you visit to make your visit seamless. The sections listed here explain how we handle and collect technical information when you visit our web site.

Database App

When you enter data into the database you will be prompted and required to sign into Facebook and accept our LHON database Facebook app.   This App is only used to identify you and record your Facebook ID code and does not gather or record any information about your Facebook usage, Facebook friends or personal information.   The only cookie created is a session cookie, which just lets the server know you're logged in. The only 2 things saved in the cookie are the session state, which is a random number created by the server to identify your session, and the Facebook "code" which is required for Facebook to return your Name & Facebook ID.  Aside from these 2 things nothing else is stored on the user's computer.   

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

When you browse, read pages, initiate searches, or upload / download data, we only collect data that someone has visited the site. This data never identifies the individual or the technology they have used to access the site. The data we collect and store about a visit is listed below:

  • The page visited; and

  • The type of data requested.

This data is only used to help us make the site more useful. With this data we learn about the number of visitors and the types of data they request. We never track or record data about individuals and their visits.




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